Zoom Meetings vs. Zoom Webinars


Zoom: it can seem overwhelming to a new user. That’s okay! If people make you feel bad about not knowing how to use Zoom, don’t sweat it—many current users do not fully understand the platform, either. There’s actually quite a bit to know.

Ever since covid19, people have been forced to work from home and work remotely… That means engaging new technology and apps and learning how to use them optimally. In this video I take you through the differences between Zoom webinars and Zoom meetings.

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You will note in this video there is a noticeable difference in the audio depending on which part you are watching. That is because my smart Mic+ plus disconnected from my Bluetooth without me realizing it. And since I don’t check each video I record before compiling it, because as you can tell I have a lot of bloopers I leave in there, it all had to get edit it in there, good audio and bad. But this is a shining example of the difference that A good mic can make. I’m using this opportunity to say yet again how much I love the smart mic plus for content creation using my iPhone 📲.

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