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Deco Coating is an industrial coatings company based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, the DECO team are top specialists in protective coatings for commercial and military properties. Our relationship with Deco Coatings is the perfect example of South Haus Group’s ability to be as  big as you need to be. Saving your growing company overhead while being able to expand your marketing on demand.  We were initially brought on to revamp the website but quickly became ad agency agency of record. We handled their Google Adwords, produced social media content, television spots and press releases. 

Website Development

From a single page hosted Jpeg file to a SEO optimized responsive lead generating website. The client came to me knowing they needed a website but not really sure what should be on it. So the team at SHG started researching the market segment and came up with a simple clean layout that the others felt represents their straightforward approach to business.

Press Releases

Video Production