Our Services

Web Development

Fast-loading, mobile-friendly websites are absolutely necessary in today’s market. This factors in to having a high-ranking position on search-engines. We incorporate good SEO practices while creating sleek and easy to maneuver online experiences. 

Social Media

Experts at spreading the word-of-mouth about your business in digital spaces. We are experts in building your following on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We find your true target audience and build that out to niche corners and markets.

Public Relations

Understanding the time, place, time, and market, SouthHaus Group creates and maintains solid reputations. Getting press releases out to the right publications and agencies is key. We get that. “We know the right people people.”

Reputation Management

Get reviews; the good kind. Let other people know why you are the best with public recommendations by your real customers. People don’t know what they don’t know…so we help inform them about location, products, and services of your unique company. 

Mobile App Development

We create scaleable mobile and web-based apps that perform consistently across all operating systems and browsers. We provide app integrations for iOS and Android. Our programmers are experts in back-end and front-end languages, as well as database management systems. 

Improve Mobile App Stickiness

We have developed a photo based social rewards module designed to drop right into your existing B2C mobile app. Our mobile marketing tool allows your consumers to share photos online via your app to social media for instant rewards. 

Video Production

We handle all production in-house. From storyboard to first shot, from editing to uploading. We produce video content for marketing campaigns, Facebook ads, Instagram hype pieces, YouTube bumper ads, instructional training, and professional presentations, delivering a beautiful and powerful piece each time.


Editing sound is a specialized craft that we do in-house. Our studio masters are professional sound engineers that know how to optimize the auditory experience. From background music to sound mixing, we have the tools needed for the job.

Photography, Photoshop, Graphic Design

The right photograph can connect your customers to you emotionally and financially. We have an elite roster of talented photographers that each have their own niche markets. Portraits, Industrial, Events, Corporate, Architecture, and Product require specific knowledge and understanding…we have you covered.


We have experts and ghost writers that excel in most major fields. They are trained to study your company, your company’s competitors, and your industry’s keywords. We have high ‘eyes equity’ and know how to boost your SEO through great blogs. Titles are just as important as hyperlinking and quotes; without the total package, your blog will fail to get good traction and readership. 

Social Channel Set-Up

The banners on your YouTube page, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter profile should be sized correctly, high-res, and visually professional. Your business should reflect your company image and culture. We know how to polish it up or build it from scratch. We make sure the profile photos, descriptions, keywords, and hashtags don’t get lost in the crowd.

Our Latest Projects